Changes to the rules from 1.6.2022

By a decision issued on 18 May 2022, the Financial Supervisory Authority has approved the proposals of Enerkemi’s Representative Council to amend the fund’s rules. Due to the change in the Public Insurance Funds Act, many changes were made to the fund’s rules, mainly related to terminology.

Changes in compensation according to the rules of the fund from 1.6.2022 (treatment provided or product purchased 1.6.2022 or after).

  • Psychotherapy or treatment provided by a psychologist when there is a referral from a doctor – the maximum annual amount of compensation is now 1500 euros per member per calendar year. According to this rule, compensation will also be paid for examinations recommended by a doctor or psychologist for which are not reimbursed by Kela.
  • The cost of  purchasing an oral appliance for sleep apnea is reimbursed as compensation for aids. Compensation for aids is paid in total up to 500 euros per member per calendar year.


Change in reimbursements according to the rules of the fund from 1.1.2023 (product purchased or surgery 1.1.2023 or after):

  • The reimbursement for spectacles will be completely renewed. In the future, individuals who have been members of the fund for at least one year will be reimbursed 75% of the cost of spectacles or contact lenses prescribed by a doctor or optician, fees charged by an optician, eye examination fees, vision correction surgery or spectacle leasing agreements. In the future, the maximum amount of compensation will be 550 euros per member per calendar year.


In addition, to the rule has been clarified that no compensation is paid for costs paid by a method where the employer is a payer in part or in full (eg an Epassi).

Rules from 1.6.2022 in Finnish can be found at this link The new rules have not yet been translated into English. 

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