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Rules of the fund as of July 1, 2023 from this link.



The rules that came into force on 1.7.2023 can be downloaded from the link at the top of the page.

Repsentative Council Meeting

The Repsentative Council Meeting exercises the highest power of decision-making in matters concerning the fund. The meeting is usually held in April. The members of the Representative Council are elected for four calendar years at a time. 

One repsentative from each assosiated company per each of the 200 members starting is elected to the council. At the same time, a deputy members is elected for each members of the council. You can see the Repsentative Council for year 2024 – 2027 here.

Board of Directors

The fund’s Board of Directors consists of eight members, each of whom must have a personal deputy member. The board is elected for four years at a time by the Representative Council Meeting.

The board represents the fund and is responsible for its administration and the appropriate organisation of its operations. The board convenes around ten times per year.

Members of the Board
Employer representatives of the Board Deputy members: 
Heidi Backman HuseniusFortum OyjReetta HämäläinenFortum Oyj
Leena SauloNeste Oyj  
Marit MustonenFortum OyjPäivi UrkolaFortum Oyj
  Martina HaglundBorealis Polymers Oy
Employee representatives on the Board: Deputy members: 
Laura TakalaNeste OyjJussi PasalaNeste Oyj
Leena HietanenPrefere ResinsFinland OyElina KassinenElcoline Plant Service Oy
Esa TeittinenBorealis Polymers OyHeikki HarjuNeste Oyj
Timo VirtaNeste OyjHarri PiispanenOSM Ship Management Finland Oy

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